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You’re probably considering many reasons why you should buy at Gray Ledges condominiums.

● We’re in an idyllic area of central New Hampshire.

● We’re close to Dartmouth and Sunapee.

● We're ideal for family life.

● We’re near a regional airport.

● We’re surrounded by natural beauty.

● We enjoy the peace and quiet within 90 acres of Nature’s trees and open spaces and vistas from our hilltop vantage point.

● We enjoy a pace of life that is almost hassle-free … yet, close enough to Boston or even New York if you need an “urban fix.”

Whatever your reason, contact us. We’ll be happy to fill in the blanks.

Gray Ledges

Located one mile from NH Route 10, just off Dunbar Hill Rd. Grantham, NH 03753

Please email our property manager at Wehmeyer Property Management LLC: