Welcome to Gray Ledges Condominiums

where Families and Place are one!
As a neighborly community, we are gratified by our distinguishing commitment to each other and the natural setting that surrounds us. Our lifestyle is respectful and peaceful with an abiding reverence for and a deep-rooted blending of Neighbors and Nature.

The Gray Ledges Lifestyle

Imagine waking on a winter weekend morning and seeing the season's first snowfall from your window. The pressing decision of the day is whether to have another cup of coffee, drive to nearby Dartmouth to see the show at the Hood Museum of Art, start a fire in the fireplace, go skiing on Mt. Sunapee, or put on cross country skis for the first time this season.


Perched on a south-facing high ridge, 26 Gray Ledges homes stand on 90 private acres - offering scenic views and distinctive rural New Hampshire living.
Contemporary architecture creates classic looks with modern amenities in a rural landscape of hills, trees, trails and a natural habitat for local birds and animals.


The ‘sense of community’ is the shared joy and appreciation for our good fortune, caring families near at hand, and the natural environment around us. If you yearn for a little distance from the day-to-day activities, with friendship and Nature next door, the Gray Ledges experience is remarkably uncommon for families and children of all ages.


Gray Ledges homes in central New Hampshire are close to Dartmouth College, Lake Sunapee and New London, museums, theatre, arts and crafts, fine dining, and northern New England's foremost medical facility, the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Sports facilities for all ages in all seasons - skiing, aquatic sports, golf, racquet sports, hiking through an endless array of trails - are near at hand.

"Go with the flow. Immerse yourself in nature. Slow down and meander. Go around the obstacles. Be thoughtful of those downstream. Stay current. The beauty is in the journey!"
Lian Shamir
“Advice from a River”