About Gray Ledges in Grantham, NH


Allow families to enjoy the comforts of their own homes, while taking pleasure

in the benefits of community life.


1. Respect and trust are the foundation for neighborliness.

2. Honesty is the only way for the community to maintain and improve our unique lifestyle.

How Gray Ledges Operates

We draw upon the diversity of experiences and skills among residents, which provides an environment where facts, common sense and consensus prevail.

The right equilibrium among rustic, residential and open space is continually reassessed.

Go with the flow.

Immerse yourself in nature.

Slow down and meander.

Go around the obstacles.

Be thoughtful of those downstream.

Stay current.

The beauty is in the journey!

“Advice from a River” - Lian Shamir

Site Plan for Gray Ledges in Grantham, NH

A satellite view does not do justice to our neighborly community with its distinguishing commitment to and respect for each other and for the serene natural setting that surrounds us.

But, you can see how we are situated so that each home has a special and personal vista of the countryside and the horizon.

Living in the Town of Grantham, NH

Grantham, NH is located 15 minutes from Sunapee and New London, 25 minutes from Dartmouth, less than 2 hours from Boston and 4.5 hours from New York City.


We are ideally situated in central New Hampshire where we enjoy Nature and are still but a stone’s throw from such desirable destinations as: New London and Lake Sunapee (15 minutes); Dartmouth (25 minutes); Concord, NH (40 minutes); and Boston or Montreal (less than two hours by bus or car).

Facts about Grantham:

● Established in 1761.

● Named for Thomas Robinson, first Baron Grantham, who, as a respected diplomat in Europe, actively supported American independence.

● He was one of Great Britain's first postmaster-generals.

● In 1780, the western portion of Grantham and the eastern portion of Plainfield were made into the parish of Meriden, the region’s name today.

● The town was incorporated as New Grantham in 1788, and incorporated as Grantham in 1818.

● Population:

o Grew from 333 residents in 1790 to 2,966 in 2011

o 110 persons per square mile of land area. [Grantham contains 27.2 square miles of land area and 0.9 square miles of inland water area.]